Netomi’s highlighted as a Growth Vendor in Forrester’s New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service Report!

We’ve been featured in Forrester’s New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service, Q2 2019 report, which is available here

The report focuses on the incredible growth of conversational AI within the enterprise, noting that “conversational AI tools could rewrite the rulebook for customer service, demanding new metrics and service process design.” 

The report found that “thirty-one percent of global telecommunications technology decision makers who are significantly involved in contact centers cited customer-facing chatbots as a top priority for technology investments.”

Contact centers are increasingly turning to AI to deflect tickets from expensive human agents, enable human agents to focus on more complex issues and scale service to new channels, according to Forrester. 

Netomi’s was featured as a Pure Play, Growth-stage technology provider. Pure Play providers “focus almost exclusively on building conversational AI for enterprises. They rely on integrations with existing communication channels that their customers have deployed and, as such, tend to be very vendor agnostic.” 

Companies must bring AI into their workforce to meet consumers’ demands for convenient, personal and immediate support on an increasing number of channels. Without the help of AI, it’s cost prohibitive for most companies to provide the support that consumers expect today. With customer support impacting loyalty and spend more than ever before, companies of all sizes need to leverage AI to immediately resolve repeatable, everyday tickets, enabling human agents to manage more complex issues. 

“We’re so excited that our technology is being recognized by the trusted and sought-after thought leaders at Forrester. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a sophisticated AI solution that addresses the real customer service issues facing enterprises, including skyrocketing costs and quick-rising expectations from customers,” said Puneet Mehta, Founder / CEO, Netomi.  “Never before has customer service had such a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. It now plays a fundamental role in people’s buying decisions.  Our AI can multiply a company’s workforce and enable companies of all sizes to scale the immediate, convenient and personal support to every customer, any time, any where.”

Netomi address the shortcomings that have marred most conversational AI experiences from enterprise brands. To date, many AI implementations have failed to deliver: customers have rejected the simpleton experiences that constrain a person to only use keywords or buttons, or have grown incredibly frustrated with bots that become easily confused and fail to understand. 

Netomi offers an advanced AI solution that combines natural language understanding  to enable customers to engage in natural conversation and deep reinforcement learning to respond continuously improve over time. As a result, Netomi’s AI platform automatically resolves over 50% of a company’s incoming customer service queries on email, chat and messaging with precision and speed.  

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